Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remember how I got married?

Yeah, I barely do. We still don't have our pictures back. But since it was family who took them, we patiently wait instead of throw a fit. Though if I don't see them by our 6 month anniversary, the fit throwing may have to commence.

It was a beautiful day surrounded by friends, family, and pinwheels. It was full of smiles, gifts, and swords full of meat. But in the grand scheme of things, it was just a day. The days since have been way more fun.

Like this!:

Sidekick (as he will be referred to henceforth in the bloggy world) has done wonders for my psychological wellness. (Not that I was too unwell to begin with. Right? RIGHT? **forceful stare**) I have found that my extreme independence has been softened to be in the moderate-to-strong category... because at the end of the day, no matter how many world problems I've solved or lives I've saved or people I've lifted, it's awfully nice to have a toasty warm sidekick to snuggle up to at night.

I have also regained a healthy respect for the concept of wasting time. In the later years of my single life I found myself going from one thing to another and filling my day with as much as possible, because being idle for whatever reason didn't sit well with me. And while I still like to be productive, I've rediscovered how effective playing a video game can be at helping a busy girl unwind at the end of the day. I've had a few people mention that I've "mellowed out" a little... meaning that the wild look in my eye that comes with always having to feel productive is gone, replaced with a look of contentedness. Not complacency, but contentedness.

While the next steps toward building our lives together float around in our consciousnesses without having landed on a time line quite yet, in the meantime I'm very much enjoying the simple apartment we live in and the simple number of two.

One other note... my employment at the food bank has ended.

About 9 months ago I had been promoted to the role of Office Coordinator. While it taught me new things and gave me more money, it removed me from the hands-on experience of working with the public that I had grown to love so much. So a month or two ago I started passively looking for a new place to work that would allow me to work with the public again.

About a month ago found an opening with the American Cancer Society. I applied, they interviewed me, offered me the job, and I took it. I started this week. I'm looking forward to the new opportunities it will give me to learn and grow and work with people to help raise money for cancer research.

So. Though my life seems far less adventurous since having "settled down", I'm hoping I'll still find adventures to blog about, and hopefully more often than every three months.

Thanks for reading. It's nice to write again.


garrett said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little more of that contentedness! I was very surprised to hear that your work at the food bank is done, but not surprised that you've moved on from curing hunger to curing cancer. Good luck with all the new endeavors! And don't worry, it's still quite an adventure.

Robin said...

So fun to hear from you and read about what you've been up to. You sound really happy :) I'm glad.

Maryann said...

I always enjoy reading your posts - whether their "productive" or "content" - thanks for the update. Good luck with the new job - I hope you enjoy it!!!

Jake said...

Haley Sue,

Congratulations again! Sounds like things are pretty wonderful and you're off curing cancer. :) Send my best to Sidekick as well
- Jake