Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 1st....err... 8th

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... I hardly deserve the honor of your attention any longer due to the complete and utter lack of attention I've paid this blog (and by extension you, my faithful followers) in the last little while.

But I would be remiss if I were to go without mentioning this year's June 1st activity.

Now part of the challenge of June 1st is trying to do something of significance (ish) that I've never done before on that very day. Though in the past I've been tempted to fudge it and do it a day before or after to better accommodate my schedule (or someone else's), I've stuck to my guns and made it happen on June 1st.

This year I had to throw my guns out the window... but Groupon is to blame, not me.

On June 1st I opened my gmail to discover a Groupon deal for half-off at a sushi restaurant in Draper called Wasabi . This was fortuitous, because I hadn't decided what my June 1st activity was going to be yet and I had never yet eaten sushi. So I purchased the Groupon and texted my sidekick to let him know that dinner that night was on me. He was overjoyed, being quite the fan of sushi himself.

But then... THEN... I read the fine print on the Groupon that said I couldn't use it for 24 hours after I've purchased it. With this little stipulation, my June 1st dreams were gone.

So I said to myself, Now you've had a busy last couple of months. Planning a wedding and sharing a life is hard work and time consuming. Surely they will understand if you decide to use this coupon next week instead and still count it as your June 1st activity.

To which I countered, Hey, remember how there is no "they" and the only "they" who is keeping track at all is in fact YOU?

So a week later we went and had sushi, and the June 1st gods in my head have still been satiated.

Now the idea of sushi had never really sounded all that good to me to begin with, but I'd had so many people tell me how wrong I was and how delicious it could be that I was optimistic that I'd end up enjoying it.

Well, you should note that the above picture with the big smile on my face was taken before I ate my first bite, because I didn't like sushi at all. Not even the deep-fried, least fishy rolls that they had to offer. I'm not a fan of shrimp, crab, or lobster, and most rolls have some form or another of one of those meats inside. So while the taste of the deep fried tempura on the roll was yummy, it wasn't enough to overcome the crabby aftertaste.

Thankfully, this guy was around to make up for what I didn't eat... and happily so.

In fact, have I mentioned what a fan I am of that guy? Here's another fun picture if you'll indulge me...

The umbrellas in my mouth were once in our shaved ices. The red sticker on my cup was once on my shirt from having given blood. Who gives blood and then rewards themselves by driving all the way to Sugarhouse to get the best shaved ice in the valley? We do.

I'm not counting down the days till I get sealed to this sucker, but if I were there'd be twelve.


Jake said...

Haley Sue, looks like a great activity... and I am sure the activity which will happen in 12 days will be even greater. Congrats!

K-Cos said...

Oh good...a fellow sushi hater. Well maybe not a hater, but a not lover. I can't get past the seaweed is my big hang up. Vomitous! Hope wedded-ness is treating you well! :)