Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 was fun.

Sometimes the generally high quality of my life makes it such that my brain gets overloaded when trying to remember specific accomplishments or events. This post is an effort to remember what 2010 was about for me. (Inspired by my dear friend Lindsay's recent year-in-review post.)

This year I...

...Defeated a certain notorious villain and rescued a certain helpless damsel. Again.
...Recommitted to becoming healthier, bought a gym membership, and have certainly used it.
...Re-focused my journaling efforts by recording more thoughts and fewer events.
...Facilitated countless opportunities for people to serve.
...Was humbled. Big time.
...Ran a 10K with a chest cold in 40 degree weather. (I don't recommend it.)
...Played outside. A LOT.

Goal for 2011: Continue to seek opportunities for growth. Preferably outside.