Sunday, September 21, 2008

The one where I catch up.

People spend their Labor Day in a variety of ways. I spent mine at a fascinating display of animal instinct. This was an incredibly intense standoff between the dog and the sheep who were NOT going to go quietly.

People run for a variety of reasons. I run, actually, for a variety of reasons myself. On Sept. 6th I ran the Wasatch Women Love Your Body 5k race. I finished in better time than I thought I would. I went alone, meaning I had only me to take this less-than-awesome picture. I want to run another one Thanksgiving morning, and then another on New Years Eve.

People head to Northern Utah for a variety of reasons. I went to soothe the Logan-shaped hole in my heart. My friend Codi and I went to see our friend Valene... and we couldn't help but purchase some things at the Fruit Way en route. This is a fabulous picture of Codi, if I do say so myself.

People go to Southern Utah for a variety of reasons. I went to go see the musical Big River at Tuacahan. While there I also was privileged to see some of the most beautiful landscape on earth, reminding me how much I love Utah.

And, finally, people plan on purchasing new iPods for a variety of reasons. I'll be purchasing mine soon because this graphic is the only thing my iPod will display after a tragic running accident.

I plan on purposely slowing my life down a bit... meaning that future posts might just have original insight in them rather than just being a travel log.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This past week I...

... saw a sheepdog championship. (entertaining.)
... learned more about potential moving options. (thought-provoking.)
... caught up with some good friends. (amusing.)
... caught up on some church calling stuff. (overdue.)
... helped put on a benefit concert. (under-attended.)
... ran a 5k. (exhilerating.)
... saw Big: the musical. (the movie is better.)
... became truly brunette. (a good change.)
... went to the improv. (satisfying.)
... taught Relief Society. (anxiety-inducing.)
... inherited a suped-up XBox. (will never be bored again.)
... blogged about my week. (also overdue.)

This coming week I...

... will go to the fair.
... will catch up with some more good friends.
... will do more church calling stuff.
... will participate in YSA Family Feud.
... will escape to a magical land called Logan for the weekend.
... hope to go running at least twice.
... hope to post some pictures of past activities for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry everyone. This is what it's come to.